If you can be fined for not wearing the seat belt, what do you do to Narendra Modi?

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The prime minister rode on the footboard of his Range Rover for over four kilometres in Bhubaneswar as he proceeded towards a meeting of his party.

As ever, The Telegraph, has the questions other newspapers will dare not ask:

“In some cities such as Calcutta, the removal of the seatbelt alone in a moving vehicle would have fetched a fine. (In Bhubaneswar, seatbelt is mandatory only for drivers, not the passenger seated in the front left seat.)

“Standing on the footboard or sticking one’s neck out of a moving vehicle is not specifically listed as a traffic violation, a police officer said in Calcutta. However, in order to discourage stunts and avert distractions for other motorists, police sometimes take action against the drivers.

“‘It is not mandatory, but a driver could be prosecuted if one of the passengers of the vehicle chooses to stand on the footboard of the vehicle or sticks his neck out in a dangerous way,’ the officer said.

“A transport official in the Odisha government described the Prime Minister’s footboard ride as “dangerous”.

“A Delhi-based road specialist said the Prime Minister’s position on the footboard of his moving vehicle was not a safe standing position for anyone.”

Then again, when the bhakts believe the 67-year-old pradhan sevak can walk on water, what is a little footboard photo-op?

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