How rising communalism in the mainland is pushing Kashmir to the brink

Every summer, doomsday theories about Kashmir get a new lease of life.

But by all accounts this year, the valley is slipping away from India’s grip.

A key reason, writes Shamil Shams of the German media giant Deutsche Welle is what is happening in mainland India under Narendra Modi‘s watch:

The main reason behind India’s failure to bring calm to the valley is the incumbent Indian government’s politics on the mainland. The issue, therefore, is more external to Kashmir than what many commentators believe.

In the past, India could boast of its secular and pluralistic credentials and present them as an example to not only Kashmir but the entire South Asian region.

While the minorities suffered in Pakistan, Indian Muslims, to a great extent, continued to flourish, reaping the benefits of an inclusive democratic system.

Since the Hindu nationalist politician Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, communalism has tarnished that image….

Kashmir’s youth are not ready to look up to New Delhi.

Not only have they experienced the brutality of India’s military might in their surroundings, they are more aware than ever about India’s rights violations in other parts of the country – thanks to the information technology.

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