The bizarre antics of Infosys’ former hotshots just reached another level


Former major domos of the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka, also known as #MurthyAngadi, continue to provide an interesting snapshot of “New India”.

One of them, a self-confessed Sunday-morning toilet cleaner at home, ever ready to throw crap at the the current incumbent at the slightest self-righteous opportunity.

One of them, a onetime Congressman, all set to pick up his Aadhar-linked BJP membership card after issuing a clean chit to a troll throwing mud at his critics.

One of them, a former bean counter at a travel logistics company, ranting with the same aplomb, civility, finesse and syntax of idiot-in-chief @realdonaldtrump

And then there is this one, whose resort nestled in beautiful Coorg has been ordered by the local gram panchayat to shut down for violating land laws.

Turns out, Tamara Real Estate and Holdings Development Corporation had been given permission to develop 8,000 square metres.

Tamara built constructions over 20,000 sq m. It has 15 days’ time to remove the unauthorised construction. Or else, the panchayat will do it on its own.

Also turns out, according to this report in Praja Vani, the resort has not obtained requisite permissions from the forest and environment departments.

Or, paid any taxes so far.

That’s India’s Most Self-Righteous for you, in short, wedded to the vision of a “Sustainable Good Life”—and the “highest standards of corporate governance”.

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