When Narendra Modi and Donald Trump come face to face before the cameras…

Ruchir Joshi in The Telegraph:

“Where Narendra Modi and Donald Trump come together, if you like, is in their single-minded pursuit of self-aggrandizement.

“Run two video clips next to each other: Modi, standing with Mark Zuckerberg, notices that Zuckerberg is between himself and the cameras. Without even thinking, his DNA and muscle memory kicking in, Modi pulls MZ to one side, clearing the angle for the cameras to catch himself.

“Trump walks up to a cluster of NATO leaders, reaches into the group, slaps the prime minister of Montenegro on his below before yanking him back and pushing himself forward. Once in front of the other leaders, Trump puffs out his chest, tugs on his jacket lapels and strikes a ‘I’m a huge world leader’ pose for the lenses.

“These manoeuvres, almost exactly the same, tell a story: they are the moves of highly insecure men who don’t fully believe they have reached where they have, they are the moves of men who are still, constantly and ceaselessly, trying to get elected.

“There is a reason why people like Modi and Trump seem like they are still campaigning.

“It’s because they have a vivid awareness of the charlatanry that has brought them to power, of the fakeness and fekuness that’s keeping them in place, and the act is the only cloak they have in which to conduct that power – if the act goes, they are petrified they will stand exposed.”

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