Why a “beef-eater” in Bangalore kissed a Hindu techie two days after Id

The Pejawar swami’s decision to offer a vegetarian iftar breakfast to Muslims at the Sri Krishna Mutt has riled the thugs of Hindutva, notwithstanding seer’s own dubious role in the Babri masjid demolition.

Today’s Bangalore Mirror has a heartwarming Amar, Akbar and Mrs Antony tale that underlines the essential humanity that is being destroyed. #NotInMyName #IAmATrueHindu



The last two days of Ramzan were a bit troublesome for Sheikh Giyasuddin

He had got his salary ahead of Id and had deposited the money ­Rs 5,500 ­in a Federal Bank ATM. But he hadn’t got an acknowledgement. 
The tailor from Kolkata had a niggling doubt that his money had been lost. It was a big amount, considering Giyasuddin makes anywhere between Rs 10,000 and Rs 16,000 a month.

Cut to the second scene. A little after Giyasuddin left the ATM after depositing money ­he apparently left in a hurry to offer namaaz ­Nishant Srinivas, a techie working with an MNC in Jayanagar walked past. 

The machine’s beeping sound drew him inside as he thought somebody needed help. But he found nobody near the machine ­just some notes that the machine had spat out. 

After waiting for a while, he pulled out the notes.

“I looked around for security but there was none. I wanted to contact the bank manager and return the money but did not know how. And then I realized that the bank would be shut on Sunday and Monday due to Id. I didn’t want to be carrying somebody else’s money around so I called up a friend for help. He told me that my phone call was enough proof of my sincerity in returning the money. He suggested that I call up the police too and keep them in the loop,“ Srinivas said. 

On Tuesday morning, Srinivas returned the money to Federal Bank branch manager Shanthi Anne Z and got an acknowledgement for the same.

“It was a pleasant surprise in the morning. He came with Rs 5,500 saying someone had left it in our deposit machine. I’m happy that there are people like Srinivas out there,“ said the bank manager. 

“Some time later, Giyasuddin came to us saying he had deposited Rs 5,500 on Saturday evening but had not got any alert. We checked his account, his credentials and then the CCTV footage after taking permission from our HQ. Once we were convinced, we deposited the money in his account,“ said Sudeesh, a staffer at Federal Bank Jayanagar branch. 

On Wednesday, he called up Srinivas after he got to know what he had done. “We met near the bank and he was so elated that while departing he asked me if he could kiss me on the cheek as a mark of respect and gratitude,“ said Srinivas.

(from the photojournalist’s Facebook page)