Only three English newspapers think the attack on RaGa is important. Really?

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Before Achche Din arrived, you would have thought that a physical attack on a national Opposition leader would have been the most important news of the day.

Not after the glorious, freedom-filled days of Achche Din arrived.

The attack on the supposedly SPG-protected Rahul Gandhi is the lead story on the front pages of not our so-called “national” newspapers but in three regional English newspapers: The Telegraph in Calcutta, Deccan Herald in Bangalore, and the New Indian Express in Madras.

Not in India’s largest circulated English paper: The Times of India, although it is the lead story in its Ahmedabad edition.

Not the capital’s most important newspaper, Hindustan Times.

Not the newspaper which proclaims journalism of courage: Indian Express.

Not in India’s national newspaper since 1878: The Hindu.

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It is a page one single-column news in Hindustan Times, whose chairperson Shobhana Bhartia is a Congresswoman

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It is a five-line, single-column item below the fold in the Indian Express.

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Not in The Hindu whose e-paper only Maha Vishnu can access.

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The Tribune in Chandigarh does not even have a mention of this story on the front page.

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It is lead story in the New Indian Express.

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And Deccan Herald.

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