Ten TV kickers that should remove any doubt as to where they stand

There’s little new to be said of India’s brain-dead TV news channels. But, on “Manic Tuesday”, as one of them labelled the “high drama” over the Rajya Sabha elections, they further demonstrated the role they are playing in manufacturing consent.

Even before the Election Commission could deliver its verdict on the contentious votes n Gujarat, the channels were already proclaiming “Impending Defeat” and “Existential Crisis” for the Congress.

Below is a sample of some of the labels they ran in the run-up to the EC decision on the “Mini-National War”, almost all of them erasing any distinction between journalism and pamphleteering.

# “Mooch ki Ladai for Amit Shah, Ahmed Patel

# This is 100% Sonia-Amit Shah war

# Sonia Gandhi in complete panic

# Congress snubbed in 120 seconds

# Cong rattled over losing Patel’s seat?

# Cong cries foul even before counting

# Final Congress shot before Rajya Sabha loss?

# Can BJP finally finish Ahmed Patel?

# #ModiRajya has ‘Sabka Saath‘?

# Time for Ahmed Patel’s political exit?