How Shreya Ghoshal and Yo Yo Honey Singh got caught in ‘Murthy Angadi’


Meanwhile, at the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka (SICK), also known as Murthy Angadi, it is business as unusual with the “Kshatriya Warrior” having to retreat from the frontlines of reverse-engineering because of the ice darts hurled by sowcar-ru and his chamchas led by 3.14159—and the funny topiwallah who got exactly 1,899,960,131 votes less than the 1,900,000,000 notes he held in assets.

There is masth tittering over the ex-Ashok Leyland top dog claiming during the tele-con today that no disappearance fee was paid to the “Kshatriya Warrior”, when all of Rs 22,000 crore had vanished off the market cap of the ‘Angadi’ even before NASDAQ bell could ring.

Which is sweet irony, because if there was one thing that pissed off the penny-unwise sowcar-ru first thing on Sunday mornings, after he had cleaned his Toto toilet while practising his American accent, it was reports of how little value these sap-pe types placed on what he held dear: money.

While sowcar-ru liked to say that he flew economy at odd hours of the night “bekaaas yuvery rupee counts” when you are setting up an Angadi, these new workers thought very little before burning company fuel to go to a concert.

While sowcar-ru liked to say that he would fly in and fly out the same day to save on hotel bills, these dudes would book whole resorts for a week and vamoose in a day and a half, leaving the company to pick up the tab.


And so it happened recently that the ‘Angadi‘ had organised a get-together of families of top workers, so that everyone would get to know each other.

Greet and meet.

Bonding, and all that HR-types think can be achieved by wearing name tags and smiling incessantly.

En route, Kshatriya Warrior Junior asks, “Dad, who’s going to be the show-stopper?”

Kshatriya Warrior makes the calls. He is told Shreya Ghoshal, classical and beauty, encapsulating the values of the Angadi.

Kshatriya Warrior Junior is disappointed. Says he was expecting rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Kshatriya Warrior again calls.

“Get Yo Yo.”

“But, Sir we have already paid Shreya Rs 10 lakh.”

“No problem. Pay her what we have promised. Get Yo Yo.”

Yo Yo, it was.

“No, no,: said sowcar-ru, this runs against our values.



Disclaimer: All the characters and situations mentioned in ‘Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi are completely kalpanik. Any resemblance to kirana or gharana stores, present or past, is completely coincidental and unintentional because, you see, there is more than one Murthy in every Silicon Halli.