Six draft tweets for @narendramodi to break his silence on privacy ruling

Screenshot 2017-08-24 19.44.55.png

Despite a gazillion tweets to his 33.1 million “followers” (about 14.5 million of them fake), @narendramodi is astonishingly short of 140 characters today, on the day the Supreme Court delivered a thundering 9-0 slap and ruled that privacy is a fundamental right.

It’s almost as if Mohammed Akhlaq or Pehlu Khan has died again.

To help the PM’s image managers to push out something to feed his Twitter crowd, without necessarily admitting defeat, here are five draft tweets @narendramodi might consider before his silence becomes a laughing stock. Once again.


1. “Supreme Court ruling that privacy is a fundamental right reaffirms India’s democratic credentials in 70th anniversary of Independence.”

2. “SC judgement on privacy as a fundamental right will become a model to emulate in democracies across the world. India again shows the way.”

3. “The best legal minds are analysing the implications of SC verdict. I assure 1.25 crore Indians that my government will respect the law.”

4. “Supreme Court judgement on privacy is humbling. Gives us all an opportunity to pause and consider a course correction in the digital age.”

5.  “Supreme Court judgement is too idealistic in the modern era when ‘data is the new oil’, as Mukeshbhai says. But Constitution is supreme.”

6. “Sorry, my account got hacked. Please ignore all previous tweets. SC ruling is exactly what I always had in mind in my pursuit of a Digital India.”

7. “If Arunbhai had got DM to supersede KS…