10 reasons why Rahul Gandhi wants to speak about Artificial Intelligence on 9/11

The Congress party has a knack for ‘khudkhushi‘ that is beyond human understanding.

First, it sends an under-prepared Rahul Gandhi to be slaughtered by an over-prepared Arnab Goswami.

Then, it puts out this quiz which is, well, like a red rag to sanghi trolls:

Screenshot 2017-09-05 11.18.31.png

Now, word is out that Rahul Gandhi, who makes as many trips abroad as Narendra Modi, is headed for Silicon Valley soon to learn and speak about “artificial intelligence”.

Apparently he is going to “expand his thought about artificial intelligence” by meeting experts, and then talk about it on September 11.

Which of course is 9/11.

So, one day he is a student of AI, next day he is a teacher.


Why the “young man”, whose BJP-gifted nickname is now nationally used as an object of derision, would expose himself to such ridicule is beyond comprehension.

  1. Maybe Sheila Dikshit was right. He is “still not mature“.
  2. Maybe he thought they were having a conference on Air India.
  3. Maybe he only expects diminishing dividends from Natural Intelligence.
  4. Maybe speaking on Natural Intelligence is a conflict of interest for him.
  5. Maybe he thinks you need Artificial Intelligence to counter ‘Feku’.
  6. Maybe speaking on Artificial Intelligence comes naturally.
  7. Maybe he thinks Artificial Intelligence will rub off on him.
  8. Maybe he thinks AIB stands for “Artificial Intelligence Bureau”.
  9. Maybe only machines that think like humans can take on the old guard.
  10. Maybe he is a masochist, who thinks starving India needs a new set of ‘Pappu’ jokes.
  11. Maybe fill-your-favourite-Rahul-Gandhi-joke-here.