Yoga and vegetarianism should make us more peaceful, more tranquil. Why are they unleashing the beasts in us?


Although it has been turned into a fitness fad at the hands (and legs) of cads, Yoga is about the body and the mind.

It has a mental, spiritual, philosophical and meditative side to it—not merely the outward physical or superficial.

Although a Baba Ramdev, as the billionaire-brand ambassador of Patanjali or the yogi evading the police by dressing himself up as a woman, doesn’t exude that feeling….

Although a ‘Swami’ Nityananda jumping up and down a bed, or a Sri Sri Ravi Shankar bringing havoc to the banks of a river don’t exude that feeling….

Yoga is supposed to bring discipline, inner peace and calm. It is supposed to cleanse your mind of evil thoughts and actions, elevate your consciousness—and set you at rest.

Yet, as more Indians conspicuously “practise” yoga, thanks to Narendra Modi‘s exertions, can anybody argue that India has become more peaceful, more tolerant, more non-violent, more inclusive, more accommodating, more enlightened?

On nearly similar lines, The Telegraph, Calcutta, has an outstanding editorial today on the other new fad of the cads: vegetarianism.

“Why does vegetarianism evoke passion, since the satvik diet is traditionally associated with tranquillity and spiritual pursuits?”

Taken together, how is it that yoga and vegetarianism are unleashing the beasts within us when they are supposed to do the opposite?

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