The top-50 Punjabi songs have been viewed 300 crore times on YouTube. Really?

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As 2017 was vanishing out of sight in the rear-view mirror, a tweet by the advertising man Lakshmipathy Bhat caught the eye:

IMG_0534Ditto and likewise.

As an unabashed consumer of mediocre Punjabi music, the insane number of views on YouTube ascribed to the top hits have always amazed me.

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Since you are supposed to stay positive on the first day of the new year, I decided to sit down and make a list of the page views, and add them all up.

Bhat-re, we have news for you.

If you leave out songs whose titles could well be the state’s anthem and whose views are in single-digit million (Pahunch 9.2 million, Zero figure 7.2 million, Koke 7 million; Eyeliner 4.8 million, Daaru 4 million), the top-50 Punjabi tracks have been viewed a staggering 3,002 million times.

That is 3,002,000,000 times.

Or, 300 crore times.

That is the entire population of China (1.379 billion) and India (1.324 billion) put together, plus the United States (323.1 million) thrown in.

High Rated Gabru,Guru Randhawa: 227 million

3 Peg, Sharry Mann: 200 million

Backbone, Hardy Sandhu: 185 million

Suit, Guru Randhawa: 140 million

Na ja, Pav Dharia: 136 million

Khaab, Akhil:120 million

Laembadgini, Diljit Dosanjh: 102 million

Na na na, J Star: 101 million

Badnam, Mankirt Aulakh: 99 million

Mercy, Badshah: 95 million

Bapu Zimidar, Jassi Gill: 75 million

Naah, Harry Sandhu: 74 million

Patake, Sunanda Sharma: 72 million

Gangland, Mankrit Aulakh: 69 million

Nakhre, Jassi Gill: 69 milion

Qismat, Ammy Virk: 66 million

Hostel, Sharry Mann: 63 million

Gani, Akhil: 59 million

Lahore, Guru Randhawa: 56 million

Bamb Jatt, Amirt Maan, Jasmine Sandlas: 56 million

Superstar, Sukhe: 54 million

Jaani Tera Naa, Sunanda Sharma: 53 million

Life, Akhil: 52 million

Gaal ni Kadni, Parmish Verma: 49 million

Yaarr ni milita, Hardy Sandhu: 44 million

Oh kyu ni Jaan Ske, Goldboy: 43 million

Cute Munda, Sharry Mann: 42 million

Yaari, Deep Jandu: 41 million

Munda Bhai di, Sherry Mann: 38 million

Gabroo, Jassi Gill: 37 million

Dil Chori, Yo Yo Honey Singh: 30 million

Aaja na Ferrari mein, Armaan Malik: 30 million

Daang, Mankirt Aulakh: 27 million

Sniper, Muzical Doctorz: 26 million

Call Aundi, Yo Yo Honey Singh: 25 million

Dil Tutda, Jassi Gill: 25 million

Zindabaad Yaarian, Ammy Virk: 24 million

Sohneya, Sukhe/Parmish Verma: 24 million

Wang, Preet Harpal: 24 million

Daru aale kehre, Parrish Verma: 23 million

Main Teri Ho Gayi, Milind Gaba: 23 million

Akhil Rukh, Sukh Sanghera: 22 million

Baari baari barsi, Miss Pooja: 22 million

Joker, Hardy Sandhu: 22 million

Yaadan Supne, Kulwinder Billa: 21 million

Punjab, Gurdas Mann: 20 million

Sunakhi, Kaur B: 18 million

Beware Hunde Ne, Raashi Sood: 15 million

Billi akh, Sunanda Sharma: 15 million

Transportiye, Sharry Mann: 14 million

Gaani, Ammy Virk: 13 million

Aaja merry bike pe, Tony Kakkar: 12 million

Raat di gedi, Diljit Dosanjh: 10 million+

Unless bots are at work, Punjabi musicians and music companies should be hired by media companies to ramp up circulation.