A Kannada poem by a Mangalore NRI that is a fitting epitaph for modern politics

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Karnataka’s west coast, for long a Hindutva laboratory in the South, is beginning to show positive results as assembly elections loom over the horizon.

Barely a week goes by without a shameless dance of death.

One day a Hindu, another day a Muslim, in a show of competitive communalism, all deaths suitably pumped up by either side to make them seem mysterious, suspicious.

BJP MPs from Karnataka, barely aware of the melting pot they hail from, are proud to hold up placards of “Hindu Genocide”.

The grisly spectacle, which will go on till the election results come out, has prompted  Jaleel Mukri, 50, a Gulf NRI from Uppinangadi, to pen a poem in Kannada.

Below is the translated version, courtesy Daijiworld.


Please help
Election is nearing,
Want a corpse
Not of a human being,
But of a Hindu
Or of a Muslim
Or of a Christian.

I have a palace.
My wealth will last for
Some more generations.
Ambitions are natural
I wanna achieve more.
Want a corpse
To reach my goal.

Do not want a man
Killed by members of
His own community,
Want a Hindu corpse
Killed by a Muslim.
Want a dead body of a Muslim
Murdered by a Hindu.
Oh, election is fast approaching.

Failed to feed the poor,
To give shelter to homeless,
To stop corruption,
Am aware I did not keep up
The promises made,
Wanna win one more time
Want a corpse.

Poojary, Baliga, Ashraf,
Danamma, Sharath, Deepak,
And Basheer
Will fetch some votes,
But more corpses needed
To come out victorious
In forthcoming polls.

In the market of political parties
Amid competition to triumph
Corpses are sold
Dead people, murderers
Are up for auction
Please help
Cooperate kindly
Want a corpse.

Want a corpse
Not of a human being
But that of a Hindu
Or of a Muslim
Or of a Christian.

(Translated by Richie John Pais with permission from Jaleel Mukri)