50 years ago, today, the news of the murder of Deendayal Upadhyay



50 years ago, today, the BJP’s current fixation, Jan Sangh president Deenadayal Upadhyay met his end in far from ideal circumstances.

Above are excerpts from news reports in The Hindu and the Kannada daily Praja Vani, on the day after the death.

The Hindu report is self-explanatory: Upadhyay was found dead on the railway track near the Mughalserai railway station in Uttar Pradesh while on his way from Lucknow to Patna.

The Praja Vani is slightly more detailed. The headline (loosely translated) reads:

“Sri Deendayal Upadhyay murdered; legs broken, holes in the head”

On top of the basic information contained in The Hindu report, the Praja Vani story contains these details:

# Both legs of Deendayal Upadhyay were broken.

# There were clear signs of head injuries.

# There were blood stains on his right shoulder.

# He was clutching on to a five-rupee note in his hand.

# There was Rs 26 and a watch in his pocket.

# He was travelling in a first-class compartment, and his identity was revealed by the ticket.

A second news item in Praja Vani of that day also reflected the political culture of the time: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi condoling the death.

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