The editor who kept his mouse behind the computer; bought his first laptop at 71

31 May 1942—8 March 2015


Vinod Mehta, friend, editor, predecessor and co-accused in a myriad court cases, passed away three years ago, today.

He is fondly remembered by his friends and family, colleagues and compatriots, readers and viewers. And, hopefully, some enemies and rivals, too.

Mr Mehta had a strange relationship with computers. The 486 PC you see in this video hadn’t been upgraded since 1995 when it was first installed.

There was no need to, as he barely used it, except to “scroll” through “the wires”, as news agency reports are called. All his pieces were hand-written and later transcribed by his fantastic secretary, Kollery Sashidharan.

In fact, Mr Mehta would place the mouse of the computer behind the PC, as if it might wake up and bite him when he was snoring with his legs up on the table after another indulgent lunch.

But two years before he passed away, he acquired a laptop, which his driver, Zakir, would lug along and carry back.

Here is Mr Mehta explaining its virtues.