Has Shashi Tharoor come up with the best definition (so far) for ‘Achhe Din’?

Shashi Tharoor‘s felicity with the English language is, frankly, തുരക്കല്‍.

So, Akash Banerjee, the AB of the six-inch screen, flips the switch and asks the Thiruvananthapuram MP, who dreams in highly accented English, the definitions of some well-known Hindi words, like ‘kant langot‘.

For Achhe Din, Tharoor comes up with this 83-word choksi:

Achhe Din
“It is this illusive concept. The Greek equivalent is ‘chimera’. It is something which people talk about but no one has ever seen. It floats in the elusive distance and, as you approach it, it recedes further and further away. It is copyright by a certain man with a beard and a certain man with a pot belly and not much hair, and they will keep offering it to you to entice you to follow them like the Pied Piper of New Delhi.”