Even the bots on Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle have fun on Sunday

If you follow @narendramodi on Twitter, it is like buying a ticket in time travel.

The number of ‘likes’ can go up and down by hundreds in a matter of a few seconds.

So, at 3.25 pm on Sunday, this tweet had 11,700 likes.

But a minute later, 400 people randomly decided to “unlike” it and it was down to 11,300 likes.

And in the same minute 400 people decided to “like” it. So it was back to 11,700 likes.


Seven minutes later, it was down 100 likes and it had 11,600 likes.

But it also jumped to 12,000 likes in the same minute.


But a minute later, it was back to 11,600 likes.


Eight minutes later, it jumped to 11,800 likes.

And in the same second, it rose to 12,300 likes.


Greater atrocities than this are taking place in the world but when two out of every three Twitter followers are fake, this is the least you should expect.