11 things Kannadigas expect from their new government which you did not hear during the “high-voltage” campaign


The way political parties and politicians frame State assembly elections—and the way the media amplifies it—it would seem that the only issues before people are the alleged “plight” of Hindus, the exploding population of Muslims, teaching Pakistan a lesson, etc.

While these may set the broad contours (and tempers) of a contest, the man and woman on the ground is exercised about more germane bread-and-butter issues.

The Kannada daily Vijaya Karnataka has a whole page devoted to what ordinary people expect from the H.D. Kumaraswamy-led JDS-Congress government, and it is recommended reading for all those who have Bharat Mata, Vande Mataram and deshbhakti on their minds when they wake up first thing in the morning.

Besides boiler-plate issues like getting rid of corruption, waiver of farm loans, law and order, etc, the ordinary Kannadiga wants:

# Deliver minority scholarships on time

# Retain Kannada schools, create jobs in rural areas

# Honour rights of “Left” Dalits

# Erase disparity in wages

# Confirm jobs of temporary lecturers

# Halt donation menace in schools

# Jobs for Kannadigas in banks

# Ban contract labour

# Introduce ordinary buses, not luxury buses

# Open more food canteens

# Stop drug menace