पाँच newspaper clips (and एक Facebook post) that do not appear in विज्ञापन marking 4 साल of मोदी सरकार

To mark four years in office, the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre has released advertisements in newspapers across the nation.

The ads are designed to remove any doubts about “Hindi imposition”. The Hindi tagline is in Roman script even in language newspapers.

Saaf Niyat, Sahi Vikas’

Due to paucity of space—and because the Narendra Modi government could only spend Rs 4,343 crore on publicity since coming to power 2014—the advertisements couldn’t include the following data points.

(Besides, of course, Rs 15 lakh in your bank account, dollar at Rs 40, and petrol-diesel prices.)


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Readers are also advised to read the following Facebook post to get a full 360-degree view.



In case you have forgotten, this was how the advertisement looked on the third anniversary of ‘Modi Sarkar’ last year.



Meanwhile, as if to prove Noam Chomsky right, mainstream media is happily “Manufacturing Consent”.

Achhe Din is already here, according to Mukesh Ambani‘s CNN-News18.


Esteemed readers are also requested not to laugh loudly while watching the following video.



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