Al Jazeera: “It’ll take more than a few potshots at Cobrapost for #Operation136 to go away for Indian media”

27 Indian media houses have been caught with their pants down by #Cobrapost’s sting #Operation136, which shows many of them willing to lower their garments even further to promote a partisan political agenda, for a few rupees more.

But a near-total blackout has greeted the hidden-camera investigation in the media.

Al Jazeera’s consistently superb media show #TheListeningPost has a segment on the #Cobrapost in this week’s episode. The presenter Richard Gizbert introduces it with these telling words:

“For their part, some of the media outlets which have been implicated say the videos have been doctored, that #Cobrapost is untrustworthy.

“However many Indian news outlets have credibility problems, and it will take more than taking a few potshots at the messenger to make this story go away.”