Forget Muslims and Christians. A leader of India’s smallest minority (0.4%) says Narendra Modi has been a “total failure”.


News story in Kannada daily ‘Praja Vani’


The BJP’s list of celebrities to meet for its mouthful “Sampark for Samarthan” campaign just got bigger—and tougher.

Barely days after the Archbishops of Delhi and Goa articulated the feeling of insecurity in the Christian community, i.e. ‘Sab ka saath‘ was a piece of nonsense, a prominent Jain monk has added to the clamour.

Acharya Chinmayasagar Maharaj has said in Bagalkot in North Karnataka that the Narendra Modi government which rode to power on the back of vikas and Hindutva has “totally failed” in both its missions.

“The people of the country had enormous faith in Narendra Modi. But the last four years have been a huge disappointment.

“Modi has not responded to the problems of common Indians. Like all previous governments, Modi’s is proceeding on a path of indiscipline.”

“Looking at the current situation, it appears as if an attempt is on to mislead the common man. Instead of explaining deleterious decisions like Demonetisation and GST, the Modi government seems to be lusting after power and money.

“Instead of visiting villages and responding to the impulses on the ground, Modi is going around the world. The foreign trips will do nothing for India’s rural masses.

“The patience and tolerance of people must be appreciated. Whatever the trouble, they are able to find the strength to bear it.”


Contacting Acharya Chinmayasagar Maharaj to convince him of the “achievements and path breaking initiatives of PM @narendramodi govt in last 4 years” is not going to be easy even for BJP president Amit Shah, a Jain by some accounts.

The Acharya, who is popularly known as “Jungle Baba“, traverses India’s deep interiors with no material comforts, certainly without a smart phone.

Even the “Jain Muni Locator” knows his whereabouts only as of April 27.

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