Karnataka or Kashmir, the pen is not mightier than the sword, when a coward pulls out a gun

Delegitimising mainstream media #MSM is a key weapon in the armoury of the protozoaic lowlife in the right-wing.

They abuse us, berate us, call us names (news traders, says #NarendraModi; dalals, says #ArvindKejriwal; presstitutes, says #GenVKSingh)….

The idiot-in-chief, not that one, the other one, the idiot-in-chief calls us the “most dishonest beings on god’s earth….

They turn the reading + viewing + surfing public against us by calling us corrupt, disgusting, one-sided, biased, prejudiced….






Urban Naxals….

They silence us, snoop on us, strangle us, troll us, tap us, threaten us, intimidate us, bypass us, buy us, stop us….

And, when none of all that succeeds, they find someone to fill our chests with a few bullets.

To all these prize assholes—the pricks, creeps and cowards—who prevent us from discharging our duties honestly and honourably, now is as good a time as any to loudly and proudly say, “Fuck You”.

Yes, fuck you.

And Eid Mubarak.

#GauriLankesh #ShujaatBukhari