Who will win an IPL-style cricket leagues for the men of god? Maybe the fortune tellers at ACL already know.

Indian Premier League is one hot, promiscuous bitch.

First, she spawned state leagues: KPL, TNPL in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu et al….

Then she gave birth to a Celebrity Cricket League and other local leagues….

IPL’s latest baby is literally out of this world: ACL, presumably Archakara Cricket League, for priests, poojaris, astrologers, numerologists, futurologists, vaastu experts and practitioners of arts associated with the nether world.

To be held on July 28 and 29 at the railway ground in Mysore, players from 16 teams from across Karnataka will vie for the Mayakara Trophy.

The league matches will be an 8-over affair, while the finals will be a 12-over climax.

The ACL promo song is already out.

Appropriately, in the home-district of the Angry Hanuman, one team is called Shivarchaka Warriors; another is Vykhanas Warriors.

ACL will obviously be inaugurated by a man of god: Chandrashekhar Shivacharya swamiji of Hukkeri, in the “divine presence” of Dr Trinetra Mahanta Shivayogi swamiji and Sri Shadakshara swamiji.


[youtube: https://youtu.be/7MX3wCejmjE%5D

“Amid their pujas, homas and havans, poojaris live a life full of stress. This is an opportunity for them to let go and showcase their skills,” said the promoter Madhu Dixith who runs the Mayakara Gurukul.

Screenshot: courtesy Andolana