Why you are constantly led to believe that “this is the best of worlds; there is no alternative to the current state of affairs”

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While students of WhatsApp University marvel at the world’s tallest statue, the world’s largest khichdi, the world’s largest yoga event, and other specialities, Professor Anup Sinha, formerly of IIM Calcutta, has a sobering compilation of 13 other feats in India 2018 that won’t make it to the Guinness Book of Records.

Human development index: 130th out of 180 nations

Gender inequality index: 127

Index of economic freedom: 130 out of 180

Ease of doing business: 100 out of 190

Global capital index: 103

Environmental performance: 177 out of 180

Press freedom: 138 out of 180

Index of corruption: 81

Intentional homicides: No.2

Global slavery index: No.4

Homeless people: No. 8

State of mothers: 73 out of 77

Military expenditure: No. 5 out of 186.

India is shining, he avers, is shining only for about 10 per cent of the population. The top one percent receives 75% of the income.

“The two Indias imply a couple of possibilities. The distance between these two Indias is not measured by wealth and income alone, it is also widening in terms of social empowerment, political voice and rights. The rich move away from the poor. As income and wealth inequalities increase, the possibility of allowing voices of dissent or the political empowerment of the deprived cannot continue with the model of a market economy.

Authority must be exerted to keep things under strict control. The BMW cars must be allowed to run over homeless, street people.

“Alternatively, the rage of the 90 per cent keeps growing, smouldering and spreading. One day it might ignite into something destructive and cruel. Meanwhile, citizens are led to believe that this is the best of worlds, and there is no alternative to the current state of affairs.

“The schools and colleges teach that, the media teach that, government pronouncements teach that and, of course, the ultimate source of authority — international institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund teach that. There is, as somebody aptly put it, a colonization of our minds.”

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