What does it tell you when PayTM chief gives Rs 10 lakh for Kerala Flood—and Rs 69 lakh to an ex-secy blackmailing him?

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With CCTV camera folks safeguarding India’s “culture”, sex during daylight hours is an avoidable exercise.

So, it was only appropriate that Vijay Shekhar Sharma of #PayTM was allowed to have his orgasm on national TV after 8 pm, 24 months ago.

It was the night of 8 November 2016.

Moments after Narendra Modi triggered what the vedic vignani S.Gurumurthy called “Financial Pokhran”, Sharma was pulled out of a gang bang, also known as awards’ event, by one of the business channels.

The “breaking news” was broken.

Adjectives poured forth in a breathless torrent: “amazing”, “breathtaking”, “game-changer”, “pioneering”, “pathbreaking”, “tremendous”, “unprecedented”, etc.

Unbelievably, even at that late hour, #PayTM could think of, design, execute, and manage to insert an advertisement for next morning’s newspapers hailing the wizard’s move.

Yours is not to wonder how.

#Demonetisation has since been dismissed by every dismal scientist as the dumbest economic move in post-Independence history. But for Sharma & Co, #DeMo was a #NaMo gift that didn’t stop giving.

In 2017, six months after Modi had destroyed the lives and livelihood of millions in a post-facto quest for a “cashless economy”, Sharma was buying a Rs 82 crore bungalow in Lutyens Delhi—and the silence of many in mainstream, digital and social media with some loose change.

The year of the lord 2018 has seen the worm turn.

Even Reserve Bank Of India agrees with the hashtag #DemonetisationDisaster. And cash payments are back.

For Sharma it has been busy year:

# In February a former PayTM employee was held for fraud, to investigate which the Central Bureau of Investigation had been hurriedly called in.

# In March, his brother Ajay Shekhar Sharma was caught in a sting operation explaining how he shared customer data with the PMO on stonepelters in Kashmir.

# In August, RBI told PayTM payments bank to stop adding new customers, and now RBI believes there is no need to set up a regulatory authority bypassing it.

# And today’s Indian Express brings news of Sharma’s former secretary Sonia Dhawan being arrested for trying to extort Rs 10 crore from the PayTM chief, by threatening to leak his “personal data and private information”.

What is the information Sharma has that is so valuable that his elder brother had already paid Rs 69 lakh in advance?

When you distill the possibilities, remember all those who died waiting in the queues’; remember those who committed suicide; remember the faces of those who had lost their savings, whose lives were ruined.

Make no mistake, there will be more.

Till then, #PrayTMKaro.

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