Deepavali vs Diwali: A short, stupidly chauvinistic rant (in four graphs) on the mind gap between the South and the North

“North vs South” is an evergreen story in Indian journalism.

And maha fun too.

Newspapers, magazines, and pop-columnists have for decades banked on the all-too-real differences between the people, food, movies, music, habits, efficiency between the two geographical halves of India to rescue them out of many a deadline crisis.

End of akhand story.

Yesterday was Deepavali below the Vindhyas, which, of course, has been shortened to Diwali above it so that it is easier on the tongues of the language-challenged. (Also, Holi.)

And the infographs in today’s (North Indian) newspapers are reflective of the general attitude of the South to the environment in general and the Supreme Court-imposed curfew hours in particular.

And this, despite the humongous Punjabificatiom of the South.

South is South, North is North and the twain shall never meet.

“Appa bola.”

Graphs: courtesy Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Financial Times