A 10-minute Australian TV show that gives you a fine understanding of how good Indian domestic cricket is

Nothing succeeds like success in cricket, and India’s series 2-1 win in Australia has led to the kind of soul-searching down under that once used to be the norm for breast-beating back home.

On the Australian TV channel 7 Sport, two of that country’s finest cricket writers Gideon Haigh and Peter Lalor of The Australian newspaper, discuss what has given Indian cricket the big push.

Notwithstanding the fact that India’s population is over a 1,000 million compared to Australia’s 20 million; that its talent scouts get to choose its side from a huge pool of players; that there are 37 first-class sides.

“India can have three Test teams and probably still beat everybody else.”


Two stats from this show are interesting.

Australia’s top-8 for the just-concluded series had 88 centuries in first-class cricket; India’s top-8, on the other hand had 162 first-class centuries.

Six of India’s top-8 batsmen averaged over 50, and six of them had triple centuries to their name; the No.8 having three 300s. None of the Australian batsmen had a 300, and no one averages near 50.