Hundreds of crores have been squandered in ‘Digital India’. Isn’t there a more dignified way of informing families that a ‘jawan’ is dead than through a TV news flash?

Hundreds of websites, apps and interactive services have been launched by the Narendra Modi government, whose barely disguised objective has been to collect the data of citizens—and everything else that follows from that.

“Data is the new oil”, as Anil Ambani‘s brother says.

Yet, on February 14, when the deadliest attack in 30 years of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir took place, families were in the dark on the fate of their loved ones for several hours, and in most cases a friend in CRPF had to break the bad news.

Agreed, a terror attack disorients everybody. But is it really so difficult or expensive of an 8% GDP growth country, which preens about its IT prowess, to come up with a solution for CRPF to keep a digital account of who is on which bus?

And is it really so difficult to break the news to families in a dignified manner, in a language they can understand?

Screenshots: courtesy The Indian Express