‘Praja Vani’ editorial asks a pertinent question: why is the BJP only making communally provocative statements even after getting a majority and a full five years in office?

Narendra Modi says Rahul Gandhi is running away from Hindus to contest from Wayanad. Amit Shah says all infiltrators except Buddha, Hindus and Sikhs will be removed. Yogi Adityanath talks of Ali and Bajrangbali.Maneka Gandhi threatens to Muslims to vote for him.

Praja Vani, the respected Kannada daily, asks a pertinent question—why is the BJP making only communally provocative statements?—and the proceeds to provide the answer, two answers actually.

One, the BJP has nothing much to show despite getting a full majority on its own in 2014 and a full stint in office. It has no achievements to speak of. Two, the BJP has no respect for the Constitution or its institutions.

A serving Union minister said the only reason BJP had come to power was to change the Constitution. What Modi, Shah and others are doing now is precisely that. The Constitution recognises the cultural plurality of India. BJP is fundamentally opposed to that. It is wedded to one religion, one language one nation.

The EC should act against such communal provocation, but among the many institutions which have been corroded in the last five years, the EC is one of them.

The Praja Vani editorial also doesn’t beat around the bush.

Earlier, only uncultured tongues would speak like this. Now, prime minister Modi is providing the leadership to such people.