Only the calm voice of a 93-year-old could have done justice to a wild state with 5 national parks, 5 tiger reserves, and 33 sanctuaries: Sir David Attenborough’s

It took 20 cameras and 1,500 days of shooting and production for Wild Karnataka, a 52-minute wildlife film, the first to be released in movie halls.

The brains behind the show: filmmakers Kalyan Varma and Amoghavarsha J.S., forest service officer Vijay Mohan Raj, and naturalist Sarath Champati.

How did they snag Sir David Attenborough?

When we started working on the film, we never expected that we will get him to narrate for us. After we finished editing, we suggested this as a joke to our folks at Icon Filns, and they said we can try. It took a lot of convincing as he does a limited number of projects.”

Screenshot: courtesy The Indian Express