When a Kannada columnist completes 25 years of writing a weekly political column, it’s occasion enough to celebrate the silver jubilee

There are columns and there are columns–good, bad, sad and odd—in the vast landscape of Indian newspapers and magazines.

Some go on interminably because the columnist has a direct route to the owner’s heart. Others chop and change depending on the editor’s whim. Some columnists just get tired or bored and stop.

Pothan Joseph, the launch editor of the Dawn and Deccan Herald, is widely credited with the “record” of having written the ‘Over a cup of tea’ column every morning for five decades.

In the Kannada daily Andolana, published from Mysore, columnist R.T. Vittala Murthy has completed a full 25 years of writing his political column ‘Bangalore Diary’ each Monday.

Today’s column is a celebration, with Murthy describing how he started, and rousing endorsements from former chief ministers H.D. Kumaraswamy and Siddaramaiah, and a former media advisor to current CM Yediyurappa.

Screenshot: courtesy Andolana