Six gems John Oliver packed into his 17-minute takedown of the ‘aggressive hugger’ with ‘no emotional validation’, the ‘temporary symbol of hate’

John Oliver‘s hatchet job on prime minister Narendra Modi on his ‘Last Week Tonight‘ show is “trending” but it is easy to not quite hear what the voluble British-born US comedian says in his trademark torrent.

Here are seven nails that Oliver hits on the head on the “aggressive hugger”:

1) Calling Modi the “father of India”, as US president Donald Trump did, is “stupid at best, dangerous at worst“.

2) “Modi’s charisma evades public anger sticking to him, which is a very dangerous super power.”

3) “extreme… one of his defining beliefs that India is fundamentally a Hindu country.”

4) “extremely worrying to have a prime minister associated with the RSS which admires Hitler for ensuring purity of race”

5) “incredibly depressing to see India headed in this direction

6) “When Trump says Modi is bringing India together, with any luck, the thing that unites them might be the complete disgust over he is trying to do.”

As Donald Trump and Melania headed for the enduring symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, John Oliver concludes by calling Modi the “temporary symbol of hate”.