Narendra Modi gets a lesson from a Harvard history prof: “To truly honour Netaji Bose, include the minorities; speak out against religious hatred; uphold equal citizenship; respect Tipu and Gandhi”

Modern politics is mostly a 2.20 minute video wrapped in a 280-character tweet of a hollow “I’m-so-honoured-to-be-here” speech that can be delivered in any one of India’s 640 districts to …

“Sex pervert strikes again” 64 years later—this time in Kerala, this time digitally

Before he set sail to India and then onward to England, where he rose to become one of the greatest investigative reporters of the 20th century at The Sunday Times, the late, great Phillip Knightley worked at a weekend tabloid newspaper in his home-country, Australia. This, of course, was when there was still something called […]