Is ICC playing a double game?

E R RAMACHANDRAN asks: Is ICC Playing a double game?

When it comes to dealing with Asian countries, it appears the ICC is really tough, whereas when they deal with countries like Australia it appears to be really lenient and deals with ‘kid gloves’.

Sample this:

With regard to matchfixing, ICC didn’t do anything for Shane Warne, Mark Waugh, Hershelle Gibbs. The Cricket Associations like Cricket Australia, South Australian Cricket Board just banned them for a couple of games, fined them a paltry sum and the matter was over. They were back on the field smelling like lilies.

Whereas, India, went hammer and tongs on the issue: Banned Azharuddin for Life, Jadeja is out of cricket and BCCI once didn’t allow him to play a local tournament in Delhi! Pakistan banned Salim Mallik. ICC should have insisted same punishment for all the ‘accused’.

Now when BCCI , finally feels , enough is enough, and wants to rehabilitate Azhar, ICC is against it!

Gibbs, despite, confessing his involvement to the Delhi Police and probably giving a false affidavit to the King Commission, is playing in the ICC Champions Trophy!! Why are our Press and Electronic media keeping quiet?

Time and again, Asian countries are hauled up for incessant appealing and even banned from matches. Sehwag and Co. was banned for a couple of matches and fined part of their match fees on this account. Whereas we see Shane Warne – appealing- that’s not the word – ‘Threatening’ the umpire repeatedly till the batsman is given out.

Should the umpire decide otherwise, there is churlish behaviour from Aussies starting from their captain – Ricky Pointing. Glenn McGrath gets vocal, especially with Sachin Tendulkar , deliberately disturbing his concentration, but so far no umpire has dared to curb him, nor the match referee, nor ICC.

Is something other than cricket at work here? Even when Darell Hair was proved wrong after the ICC Hearings, Ricky Pointing still wants Hair back. Soon we will have Australian Prime Minister jumping in to the fray and rooting for Hair!

What’s happening, ICC??