Six heart-warming stories of Muslims coming to the aid of Hindus in #Corona season: How come no swami, yogi, baba, guru or godman has the nerve to speak for “communal harmony” any more?


Coronavirus has been communalised to such a degree in India by the usual suspects—and their “useful idiots” in the media—it should leave genuine Hindus aghast at what is being done to their great religion in their name, even at a time like this, by its militant-mutant form.

The pandemic has exposed many faultlines in an India under Narendra Modi, but none more distressing than the silence of the swamis, yogis, gurus, babas and other #HashtagHindus to the advertised inhumanity of their folk and following.

From across India, there have been several reports of Hindus refusing to claim bodies of kin who have died of #COVID, of Hindus who have ostracised families which have suffered deaths. Has any Hindu religious figure spoken out against this?

In some cases, Hindus have abandoned the deceased, leaving it to their Muslim neighbours to do the honours. In many cases, relatives of Hindu victims have been unable to take part in the final rites, leaving it to Muslims to do the needful.

Has any swami, yogi, guru, baba or godman felt it necessary to compliment their Muslim brethren for standing up for their Hindu brothers and sisters, when it counted the most—and holding them up as an example to emulate?

Or, could it just be that these #HashtagHindus are heavily invested in The Grand Project to utter that alien-sounding phrase: “communal harmony”?


# In Indore, because Draupadi Bai Verma‘s nephew abandoned her and her relatives refused to touch her body, 10 Muslim neighbours got together to buy things for her last rites, put together a bier, and carried her body to the cremation ground on their shoulders.


# In Bulandshahr, when Ravi Shankar died of cancer and his relatives were stuck due to the #Coronavirus lockdown, Muslims offered help, lifted the cot on which the body was lying and took it to the ghat for the last rites.


# Similarly, in Bhopal, when a woman suffering from liver ailment passed away, none of her close relatives were around because of the lockdown. Muslims took her body to the cremation ground and helped perform the last rites.


# In Hyderabad, when Venu Mudiraj died of tuberculosis and neighbours ostracised the family to be a COVID-19 death, five Muslims came forward and even made arrangements for food for the family.


# The story is the same in Bhavnagar, when Ranjan Bhadreshwara died of natural causes, her Muslim neighbours immediately took up the responsibility to help the family do the final rites as per Brahmin rituals. 


# In Jaipur, when Rajendra Bagri, a cancer patient, passed away with no male heirs, his Muslim neighbours stepped and cremated him with full Hindu rituals.

It can be argued, as it will be, that Hindus would have done the same if the boot were on the other foot.


By all accounts, the lockdown has seen non-state actors belonging to a “cultural organisation” step on go the streets in their chaddis and lathis. How come they haven’t been seen at work? How come other Hindus in the neighbourhood have stepped up to the plate?

Screenshots: The New Indian Express, Scroll, The Times of India