We live in 21st century. Our minds are in 16th.

Diptosh Majumdar, the national political editor of CNN-IBN, on the rape and murder of British tourist Scarlett Keeling in Goa:

“Keeling’s death nails a great lie that we try to perpetuate. Indians may flatter themselves into believing they are generous hosts but they actually aren’t. The much-touted principle of Athithi devo bhava applies only to domestic tourists, not to eccentric foreigners. Otherwise, Japanese tourists would not have complained of being harassed by a guide at the Sun Temple in Konark. Otherwise non-resident Indians would not have felt like running away from the clutches of greedy pujaris at Kalighat in Kolkata.

“Tourism is about opening up your own culture with due tolerance and utmost respect for the culture of the visitors. Indians are too immersed in their medieval ethos to understand the worldwide cultural crosscurrents of the 21st century. There’s an old Chinese adage that says a closed mind is like a closed book, just a block of wood. We are indeed the wooden people.”

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