‘Demand for Tulu statehood is alive and ticking’

ANANTH SHENOY forwards a self-explanatory report from Deccan Herald that opens up some evergreen questions: Is Karnataka too big for its own good? Are its politicians and administrators incapable of keeping every part of the State happy? Is it time to split the State a la Uttar Pradesh if they can’t get their act right, if they can’t keep everybody, everywhere happy and wanted? Or is the alienation of different parts and peoples of the State real or is it all in the mind?

Mangalore, April 22: The demand for Tulu statehood is still alive, said Kannada Sahitya Parishat former president Harikrishna Punaroor. Speaking after flagging off the Tulu Ther here on Saturday, he said people’s representatives and government had done injustice to Tulu Nadu. Tuluvas should be united to rectify these injustice meted against them.

He said Tuluvas are not opposed to Kannada. But to fight against injustice meted on Tulu, people of Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasargod districts should unite. With the entry of mega industries, the water and the land is getting polluted in the coastal district. This also has an impact on Tulunadu culture, daivasthana and religious tradition.

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