Don’t blame us if Mantri KPL is just Kantri IPL

The Karnataka Premier League makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is a pathetic “Modi Xerox” copy of the Indian Premier League, which within two years is already tolling the bell for 50-over cricket, if not five-day Test crickret itself, while reducing a classy, civilised sport into a loud, rowdy circus.

IPL marries sport with business and entertainment with nary a worry for conflict of interest, so KPL marries business and entertainment with nary a worry for conflict of interest. IPL auctions players like prostitutes, so KPL auctions players like prostitutes.

IPL was the personal project, the cricketing arangetram of Lalit Modi, so KPL is the personal project, the cricketing arangetram of Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, masterfully puppeteered by the dance-master, Brijesh Patel. And so on.

So, because IPL had a theme song, KPL also has to have a theme song or what it thinks is a “theme song”. This, then, is the mind-numbingly vacuous effort of composer Ricky Kej and lyricist Kaviraj, with Avinash Chebbi and M.D. Pallavi at the mike. The video director is Aloke Shetty.

What is remarkable in this “Phase I” video is: a) how the lyrics and visuals are completely devoid of anything called the gandha of Karnataka or the regions from where the players hail from. And b) how the tournament has little to do with cricket but twisting the teats of the clubhouse cash-cow till it hurts.

What you also wonder, looking at Erapalli Prasanna and B.S. Chandrashekhar and Syed Kirmani, is: is there anything our legends won’t do, say or endorse for a few extra bucks after a few extra pegs?

Take a bow, Anil Kumble.

Link via Pavan Murali

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