Mysore’s three richest families—after Wodeyar

By his own admission in his election affidavit, Srikantadatta Narasimaharaja Wodeyar is worth around Rs 2,500 crore, give or take a few hundred crores. Therefore everybody else in Mysore would qualify as small change.

Still, which are the top three business families in terms of wealth?

3) The Shenoys of Mangalore Ganesh Beedis

2) The N. Ranga Rao family of R.Guru, et al, who make agarbathis and electronic components

1) The Habib family that makes and markets ‘Jeeva’ oil

Churumuri‘s Deep Throat reports that the turnover of the top two families could be anywhere in the range of Rs 235-250 crore per annum.