Everything but Mysore at The Mysore Post

Have never figured out why, but nine out of ten men of letters in Kannada, and that includes the women too, seem to take great pride in being caught in a time warp. Be they writers, poets, journalists, vicharavaadis, buddh jeevis, whatever, they are proud about being tech unsavvy, about not having an email ID, about not being able to switch on a compter, about not being able to operate a digital camera, whatever. So, things like starting a blog is a strict no-no to most if not all of them. But what happens when one of them can do all of that?

Sahitya Akademi award winner Abdul Rasheed, who works at All India Radio, Mysore, and has seen a bit of the world, is now exploring a bit of the world wide web. Check out The Mysore Post to see the heightened sensibilities a Kannada writer can bring to blogosphere.


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