ONE YEAR WITHOUT DR RAJ KUMAR was among the first media organisations to announce the passing away of Dr Raj Kumar on April 12, 2006. And our coverage of the death and after rocketed us to the top of blogosphere.For those who missed the action, below are some of the stories we ran in the initial few hours of the death.


The obituary: Dr Raj Kumar: 1930-2006

SUNAAD RAGHURAM: The pearl is gone to provide lustre elsewhere

RAVI BELAGERE: What killed Dr Raj Kumar

VISHWESHWAR BHAT: Dr Raj Kumar wasn’t just an actor


K.B. GANAPATHY: When Ambarish refused to meet Dr Raj Kumar

P. SESHADRI: Five who will never forget Dr Raj Kumar

SUGATA SRINIVASARAJU: The final (English) interview

SUNAAD RAGHURAM: The day Dr Raj was nearly shot dead


MADAN KUMAR: Dr Raj Kumar’s top-10 films

H.C. LAKSHMIKANTH: Dr Raj Kumar’s top-11 songs

MADAN KUMAR and H.C. LAKSHMIKANTH: Dr Raj Kumar’s top-7 lines

NIMISH PRATAP SINGH: Junior Raj connects the masses to the real one

SUNAAD RAGHURAM: Dr Raj Kumar and Sachin Tendulkar