‘Rising India’s share of the poorest is growing’

126th among 193 nations in Human Development Report.
133rd on the quality of life index.
39 per cent of adult population illiterate.
35 per cent living below the poverty line.
25 per cent without access to safe drinking water.
60 per cent without access to sanitation.

In rising, shining, leading India id est Bharat, nothing is what is seems, or is made to seem, in spite of a 9.5 per cent GDP growth last year or a 8.5 per cent growth rate this year.

Prof U.R. Rao, former chairman of the space commission, in Deccan Herald:

“While stating that the population below the poverty line has significantly decreased since 1980, what is forgotten is that the actual number of BPL population has practically remained the same at about 375 million, while it has decreased from 1470 million to 970 million across the world.

“In other words, India’s share of poorest people in the world which was about 25 per cent in 1980 has now increased to 39 per cent.”

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