Six double-asterisks versus seven triple-asterisks


The benefit of the wisdom of extremely scientifically conducted opinion polls and exit polls has been cruelly deprived to the aam admi and aurat of Bharat. Therefore, “We, the People” have to now depend on opinion and exit polls done with a sample size of one to make up our minds on which way the poll winds are blowing.

As a member of a household that has dedicated itself to a free press and even freer opinion, Arun Nehru steps into the breach in the Deccan Chronicle. His back-of-the-wedding invitation card calculation after the first round of polling in the 15th general elections shows the BJP behind the Congress by 16 seats, but the BJP and allies ahead of the Congress and allies by four seats.

But the story as always in the asterisks. The single-asterisk wallahs can go either way and there are 13 of them; the double-asterisk wallahs will avoid the BJP come what may and there are  six of them’ and the triple-asterisk wallahs will avoid the Congress and there are seven of them.

“I see the Congress emerging as the single largest party in the Lok Sabha polls with 155, seats followed by the BJP with 139 seats and the Left dropping to 36 seats in the final tally.

“My prediction is that the third or fourth fronts are negotiation structures for the regional parties for better “portfolios” after the elections. The Congress, even with a minimum of 150 seats must be the favorites to lead the coalition in the 50th Lok Sabha.”


Meantime, in the absence of extremely scientifically conducted opinion polls and exit polls, the other option is to read the tea leaves or fall back on astrologers.

TV9 has done exactly the latter, and their prognosis for Karnataka: BJP 19, Congress 5, JDS 4.

The jyothishis say Congress stalwarts like Dharam Singh, Veerappa Moily, Mallikarjuna Kharge, Janardhan Poojary, Margaret Alva, H. Vishwanath, and Ambareesh will all bite the dust.

Graphic: courtesy Deccan Chronicle

Hat tip: D.P. Satish

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