10 hilarious tweets in response to a hilarious tweet trying to defend Narendra Modi’s biggest feat yet: the highest unemployment rate in 45 years, for the first time in 70 years

Somesh Jha‘s story of the day in Business Standard—that unemployment rose to its highest point in 45 years after the stupidest decision in post-independent India’s history: #Demonetisation—led to a strange defence.

Had it come from any 30-rupees-a-tweet troll or a designated flame-thrower, it would have been ignored.

But it came from a well-regarded business journalist who has been at Forbes, Financial Express and Business Today, and who has been the editor of DNA and First Post: R. Jagannathan, the editorial director of Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s Swarajya.

On his Twitter @thejaggi tweeted:

Need to read this number with nuance. A higher unemployment rate indicates that more people are actively looking for work. This is half positive indicating that many millions now believe jobs will be available even if not of satisfactory kind


The tweet led to an avalanche of takeoffs:


And this, too: