Nature doesn’t kill? Try telling it to these victims


Karnataka—as indeed the rest of the country—has been witness to some horrendous accidents in recent times, thanks to corruption-laden testing and licensing; growing drink-and-drive recklessness; faster, more efficient vehicles; and sometimes better roads.

But does anything come close to these two ghastly accidents in the last two days?

The first (bottom picture) took place on the Mysore-Bangalore highway, near Channapatna, on Sunday. The driver of the Toyota Qualis reportedly swerved at high speed to avoid hitting a dog crossing the road. Result: the car hit the median divider, rolled over to the other side, and crashed into a bus speeding along in the opposite direction. Nine of a family dead.

The second (top picture) took place on the Mysore-Nanjangud road last evening. The driver of a large truck proceeding to pick up motorcycles from the TVS factory reportedly tried to avoid brushing a low-hanging branch of a tree. This caught the driver of a Tata Sumo proceeding in the opposite direction unawares. Result: Five, maybe seven, of a family dead.

A dog. A tree. And 14, maybe 16, of two families erased.

Photographs courtesy: The Hindu