In the Independent Republic of Padmanabhanagar

What can happen if two slow-moving cars collide and there is no major damage to either vehicle, its passengers or to passersby?

At best, it can a cause a minor traffic jam while both drivers remind each other of their mothers and sisters till the traffic cop arrives. At worst, there could be some exaggerated demands for on-the-spot compensation, maybe some slight flexing of the muscle by bored onlookers.

But what can happen if one of the cars happens to be that of a former prime minister?


From the New Indian Express: Hours after a minor mishap involving the cars of former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda and a Maruti 800, the driver of the Maruti committed suicide by hanging on Wednesday evening. Ramesh (22) was found hanging at Byrappa Building in Kadirenahalli Cross near Banashankari.

He was taken to the Deve Gowda Hospital in Padmanabhanagar, where he was declared brought dead. Ramesh’s Maruti had collided with Gowda’s car near the former PM’s son-in-law Dr Chandrashekhar‘s house in Padmanabhanagar, which which Gowda has made his de facto office.

Barring a minor dent on Gowda’s car, there were no injuries to either Gowda or Ramesh, as both the vehicles were moving slowly.


From Star of Mysore: The mishap occurred when Deve Gowda left his residence in Padmanabhanagar for his lucky residence Amogha yesterday morning and an oncoming Maruti car hit his car at a curve on the road.

Deve Gowda is learnt to have advised the driver of the Maruti car Ramesh to be cautious while driving. No complaint was registered. Banashankari Police are investigating into Ramesh’s suicide.

According to reports, Ramesh allegedly committed suicide out of fear as the driver and body guards of Gowda asked him to pay Rs. 10,000 as the headlights of Gowda’s car were smashed. Ramesh’s mother, who was at the hospital during postmortem, sobbing uncontrollably told the media that she would have apologised to Deve Gowda for her son’s fault.


From Deccan Herald: Ramesh, a BJP worker, is said to be a relative of BJP leader ‘Park’ Suri. Banashankari police have registered a case of unnatural death. Sources said he had strangulation marks on his neck. The post-mortem is expected to be conducted at KIMS on Thursday.

Sources said Ramesh committed suicide, while some said he was murdered.

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