CHURUMURI POLL: Ban Jaswant Singh book?

B.S. NAGARAJ writes from New Delhi: That Gujarat chief minister Narendra Damodardas Modi should have moved so swiftly to ban Jaswant Singh‘s book on Jinnah is not surprising. After all, how can the chhote sardar countenance any “highly defamatory” references, as perceived by him, to the original Sardar (Patel)?

But if reports are to be believed, all the BJP-ruled States, too, are considering a similar ban. And that would include Karnataka whose chief minsiter holds Modi in great esteem. B.S. Yediyurappa has time and again heaped praise on Narendra Modi and his model of development and style of governance.

In any case, can Yediyurappa afford not to ban the book at a time when the BJP leadership has cracked the whip, and when everybody in the party is quickly trying to be seen as toeing the line? Or, should he stand up and say no, making a case for free speech and expression?