What did he have that the other bachcha did not?

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Vinod Kambli, who co-starred with him in the opening partnership that launched them both into superstardom, said Sachin Tendulkar took the escalator, while he had taken the stairs.

As “The Master Laster” completes 20 years on cricket’s conveyor belt, collecting every record there is to collect, while the Kid from Kanjurmarg trips, gets up and trips again, Harsha Bhogle pays tribute in The Indian Express:

Sachin Tendulkar may have inspired others to write poetry but he batted in robust prose. Not for him the tenderness and fragility of the poet, the excitement of a leaf fluttering in a gentle breeze. No. Tendulkar is about a plantation standing up to the typhoon, the skyscraper that stands tall, the cannon that booms. Solid. Robust. Focussed. The last word is the key. He loves the game deeply but without the eccentricities of the romantic. There is a match to be won at all times!

“But Tendulkar too was a sapling once….”

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