One question I’m dying to ask… N.D. Tiwari

The most surprising part about this grainy video of a young woman smooching an almost-comatose body is not that it belongs to a greasy Congressman, but that he is four score and six—86 years—old.

For long, the Andhra Pradesh governor—a name once mentioned as a potential prime minister—has had to live under the shadow of a telling stanza: ‘Na nar na naari, main hoon Narain Dut Tiwari.”

And now this, a voiceover which grandly makes public his daily maniacal menu: a massage from a young girl in the morning; a post-lunch session; and then a threesome every night.

What is the one question you would like to ask “His Excellency”, the congress man?

Keep your queries young, sharp and gubernatorial.