CHURUMURI POLL: Should Darshan be banned?

The principles of natural justice in l’affaire Darshan Tugudeep have been turned on their head by the 42-member Karnataka film producers’ association which has unilaterally and unanimously “banned” the actress Nikita Thukral for allegedly having an affair with the “Challenged Star”, thus ruining the domestic bliss in his family, forcing him to get physical with his wife, Vijayalakshmi, and “distracting” him from his ventures.

On what basis the producers’ association came to this conclusion is unclear. Even in Vijayalakshmi’s five-page complaint documenting Darshan’s brutality (since withdrawn), there is only a passing mention of Nikita. Moreover, no opportunity seems to have been given to the multi-lingual actress to defend herself, before ostracising her from the Kannada film industry and thus depriving her of her right to livelihood.

However, the male-dominated Kannada film industry—the actors, the producers, the directors etc—is ducking the real issue, which is Darshan.

Here is a star who, through his actions, has brought disrepute to himself and the Kannada film industry. Here is a star who through his documented brutality on his wife has shown his criminal and violent side. Here is a star who has not hesitated to threaten his infant-son, instigate his fans, feign illness, and duck the long arm of the law.

So, here is a question the mainstream media cannot ask for obvious reasons: should Qaidi No. 9000 alias Darshan be banned from the Kannada film industry for the same three-year period that Nikita Thukral finds herself in the doghouse for his “domestic violence”? And if the film industry cannot muster the courage or the decency to do so, should the media announce a boycott of the star?

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